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Limelight Solutions – SAP services for forward thinking ambitious organisations 2017-10-23T07:56:41+00:00

Limelight Solutions is a strategic SAP partner working for ambitious organisations who want to reach further than they ever thought possible

Imagine a place where everything worked as it should. Where everything was optimised to be both efficient and effective. Where everything was simple, easy and effortless. Where there were no barriers, no rules and no hurdles to climb. Where innovation flourishes and creativity is second nature. Where peace of mind delivery is guaranteed and expectations exceeded. Welcome to Limelight Solutions.

Our goal is to be the best and only partner customers chose to work with. We believe SAP projects can be delivered in a timely manner, under cost controlled circumstances without compromising governance and control. Our target is a six-month delivery. We have accelerators that facilitate this and allow us to complete remarkable things at pace.

What we do

Limelight Solutions is an SAP solutions consultancy working across client and supplier roles. We offer implementation projects and services for customers in any industry from SME through to Global corporate. Our SAP product knowledge is rich and we pride ourselves in staying on the cusp of SAP technology. Our knowledge coupled with our accelerators create remarkable projects. We believe in order to be relevant in today’s digital world, no project should take longer than six months to implement and your return on investment must look attractive.

Our team have a thirst for technology and all share the same passion and beliefs. Our goal is to make remarkable projects and solutions available to everyone and provide services you require, not what we can sell. We advise and call upon our wide network of business partnerships to create the perfect solution that exceeds expectations.

Project Services

A little bit about our project services

Limelight Solutions provide both client side and implementation expertise. Our team of highly skilled consultants can design, implement and deploy complex and innovative SAP solutions across many industries. Our accelerators allow us to do this at speed – our target is always 6 months. If you are already working with a partner we can augment your team to create the perfect delivery blend. Leave the headaches with us and enjoy your implementation!

Solution Services

A little bit about our solution services

Our teams are highly experienced and work very tightly with SAP. We understand complex problems and broader industry wide issues and provide expert advice on options, solutions and roadmaps for your organisation. We cover all of the latest SAP and partner technology so you can be confident our answers are the right solution for your business needs. Trust in better thinking for your enterprise.

Innovate Further

A little bit about our Innovation offering

Our innovation offering is all about progress. We have several tools and techniques created to help you optimise, improve and develop your SAP estate. Ranging from tactical improvements on singular business processes to blue-sky thinking for your enterprise; we suggest every possible way to move your business forward into the digital era and drive profitability through technology.

Limelight Solutions

Our secret ingredient

Limelight Solutions was founded to disrupt the consulting industry. We are passionate belief that extraordinary projects should be available to everyone. Principles of improvement and innovation are at our core and flow infectiously through the entire team. Our accelerators were built with this passion. Everyone has a thirst for different. Whether through technology, a technique or a process we encourage each individual to explore ideas and improve in everything we do. We understand people are our number one asset and we nurture and care for them, encouraging and helping them to innovate and develop in all ways. Ultimately their success and their experiences contribute to your success story. Our people are everything.

Our accelerators are the key to our remarkable projects. The key backbone, our PROMPT methodology, is baked into each of the SAP delivery phases and has been developed using the experience of everyone in our organisation. It allows us to execute at an unmatched pace. Think of it as hyper-charged change. Fast-paced, aggressive but great fun!

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Successful projects implemented
Cups of strong coffee

Getting the job done

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